About Us

Connexion Family Health Team Physicians

Queensway Medical - 5303 Canotek Suite 8 Location

  • Dr. Michael Aiello
  • Dr. Nancy Clevette
  • Dr. Karan Dhami

Queensway Medical - 5307 Canotek Suite 300 Location

  • Dr. Julie Bellefeuille
  • Dr. Tracy Burgess
  • Dr. Lee Donohue
  • Dr. David Leduc
  • Dr. Samir Migally
  • Dr. Wendy Pullan
  • Dr. Alice Shin

St. Joseph Boulevard Location

  • Dr. Thérèse Hodgson
  • Dr. Anne Meehan

Bearbrook Road Location

  • Dr. Kathryn McFarland
  • Dr. Elie Skaff

Administrative Team

Connexion Family Health Team

Executive Director

  • Matthew Ottaviani

Finance/Operations Manager

  • Elizabeth Whitten

Program Coordinator

  • Vacant


  • Sylvie Dumas
  • Christine Laporte

Queensway Medical Centre


  • Elizabeth Whitten

Administrative Assistant

  • Debbie Sheard


  • Maureen Dowbiggin
  • Bev Florack
  • Joanne Hart
  • Melanie Hurst
  • Emily Phillips
  • Sarah Sheard
  • Mychele Petzak


  • Ann Smith

St. Joseph Medical Clinic


  • Suzanne Vallee

Bearbrook Medical Clinic


  • Melissa Jane Behan
  • Zeina Zaher

Health Educator

Connexion Family Health Team

  • Vacant

Mental Health Team (Psychologist and Social Workers)

Connexion Family Health Team

  • Dr. Catherine Kyremanteng (Psychologist)
  • Dylan Myllymaki (MSW, RSW)
  • Emily Burton (MSW, RSW)

Nurse Practitioners

Connexion Family Health Team, St. Joseph and Bearbrook locations

  • Peggy Florack
  • Sherri MacEwen


  • Trevor Kidney

Registered Dietitian

Connexion Family Health Team

  • Emma Lacombe

Registered Nurses

Connexion Family Health Team

  • Kate Anderson
  • Ginette Brunet
  • Shelley Mason
  • Becky Smith 

CFHT Strategic Management Plan

Strategic Management Plan 2013 - 2018

In the spring of 2013, the Connexion Family Health Team initiated a planning process to refresh their foundational strategic plan and establish a new 5-year strategic management plan. Over a period of 6-months board members, primary care providers, allied health professionals, administration, and support staff engaged in a
discussion about the ideal future of the organization. The strategic plan developed outlines the organization’s vision, mission, core values and strategic directions.

At the core of this exercise and articulation was the primary goal of excellent patient care. As a leading academic Family Health Team that seeks to improve the health of its community, we continually focus on how we can be at our best at being not just patient-centered, but including patients in the decisions about their health at all times.